Yoga for the Mind
Taught by Will Tungpagasit

I teach Vinyasa Flow yoga to quiet the mind. In the quiet, I try to incept my students with healthy paradigms to achieve their peak potential.


Years ago, I stumbled into a yoga studio looking for a good stretch. I was the only student in the class so ended up chit chatting with the teacher about all my problems. Back then, I had started multiple tech companies and failed at all of them.

"I'm great at starting things but not great at finishing them..."

The teacher said she had a meditation for that. She told me "30 days, 100 days, 1000 days in a row, then it will be a habit"

Started off with just 11 minutes per day and built up to an hour over the years as I saw my focus turn into a laser-cutter and my emotional intelligence surpass most around me. These benefits helped me grow a successful business, become a retired CEO, and now your yoga teacher.

I guide motivated individuals who want to learn and apply the superpower of mindfulness to achieve peak potential.

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